Saturday, July 8, 2006

Button Love

Last night I had an epiphany. I decided that I love buttons and I'm going to start using them more often!! Why have I overlooked the button for so long? I did believe that the button had fallen out of popularity, I'm always getting caught in that trap (not popular=I can't use it). Whenever I see a LO in an idea book or gallery that has used buttons, years ago or even still today, I'm attracted to it. What is my fascination with the button? I guess the roundness, the huge array of colors and sometimes even patterns, the simplicity, although they can be quite fancy sometimes...all in all, the button is a nice accent in a non-obtrusive way. Today, I will officially begin scouring all avenues for buying attractive buttons...that's my mission. The button shall no longer take a back seat to other embellishements! All hail to the button!!

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