Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Brag and brag...blah, blah, blah!

In this day and age, I know the world is no longer how it used to be. I know that parents can be intolerable at their child's academic and sporting events...I know this. Sad as it may seem, I've experienced it at soccer games for dd, who by the way, is only in 2nd grade. It's going to happen, no matter how repulsive it may be, it just goes with the territory.

That being said, I am not, and I not ready for this nonsense where ds is concerned. He's 4 years old, a preschooler, entering kindergarten in the fall. Is it really necessary for this bragging and what-not to go on for the preschool sect? I don't want to hear how brilliant your child is, I don't want to hear how he has soooo many friends or how he knows all the kindergarten requirements already. That's all well and great but please keep that information to yourself. I say this, not because my child achieves any less, not because I feel I'm a bad mother...none of that! I just don't need to hear every detail of how wonderful your child is! I fully understand being proud of your child, but why do you feel that everyone needs to know this, especially when it comes out as full out and out bragging and not an integral part of the conversation. Again, I do not have sour the risk of sounding like one of "those" parents, there is quite alot to brag about with dd already, details of which I have not shared with anyone outside of my family. What's the point? Why would I need to tell make myself look good?? I just don't get it.

I apologize if I've offended anyone reading this. It's just how I feel. I have zero tolerance for this and I'm in for a good 14 more years of it!! How will I ever survive??

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