{Our Cottage Home Tour}

My husband & I love old houses.  We looked at a gazillion homes when we were ready to buy.  Nothing seemed right.  Our realtor (who we adore) was a hard sell.  She would actually talk us out of a house if she didn't like it. 

Well, we all fell in love with this one though...a 1933 Cape Cod style home. 

I don't even want to tell you how well known this house is.  It's almost to the point of silliness.  Everyone in the city knows it, loves it and makes sure to tell us how they've admired it for ages and ages.

So come on in!  Welcome, welcome! 

To the left of the front door, we have the dining room.

On the far side of the dining room is my favorite room, although I'm not really sure what to call it.  Living Room?  Sitting Room?  I've always thought of having a poll to decide the name of this room.  Any ideas?

To the right of the front door, we have our living room/family room.

This next picture is looking straight ahead from the front door.  I am in the process of painting all my dark doors white.

Off to the side is a coat rack.   I love this coat rack.  It is original to the house.

Straight through the hallway is our very tiny bathroom.

To the right of the bathroom, we have the master bedroom.

Now there is another bedroom next to the master.   However, it's an office/craft room/library/dumping ground,  so we're going to stay away from that, okay?  

To the left are the stairs that I recently painted.

Up the stairs is another bathroom & my kids' bedrooms,  but I'm thinking the world may not be ready to see any of that just yet.  Moving on.

Next to the stairs, we have the kitchen.

Here is the side & back of our house.  We live on a corner lot.

Going into the yard, here is our pool deck.  I just love how that Morning Glory has wrapped itself around my railing. 

 Here's a little of the pool, and some of the side & back yard.

Maybe someday soon I will show you all the areas we've missed on this tour. 

Honestly, I am honored if you've stuck around with me this long.  It may not be perfect, there's so much more work to do, but this is where my ♥ heart ♥ is.  Thank you so much for visiting my home today. 

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