Monday, March 5, 2018

Easter Home Tour 2018


With Easter being so early this year,
I decided not to waste any time decorating.
In fact, I started the minute I took down
my Valentine's Day decor.

Here's the tour
and I promise to keep the chatter to a minimum.

The living room & mantel:

I went with a yellow & green theme in the living room.
It's so nice to see some color in the house after all the white
of Winter, not to mention all the white
the Nor'easter left us on Friday!

The dining room & sitting room:

That's all I have for today.

Thanks for stopping by
and I do hope you're having
beautiful Spring weather where you live.

See you soon!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Valentine's Day Dining Hutch

Hello friends!

I did a little Valentine's Day decorating...
just a little, nothing over the top or anything.

I went so white & neutral with my decor after Christmas
 that seeing the reds & pinks of Valentine's Day
has been a welcome change!

I don't think there's anything new here.
It's the same Valentine's Day elements 
I've used for several years, just switched up.

I made the flowered heart wreath & the stuffed hearts
(all out of felt & fleece) quite a few years ago.
I never really tired of them,
so here they are again. 

Have you decorated for Valentine's Day yet?
Do you go all out or do you prefer "just a little", like me?

Have a wonderful day & thanks for visiting!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Oh Winter!


What can I say?
I'm developing a love/hate relationship with Winter.
I don't hate it, but I'm kind of sick of it, too.

This happens to me every year. 
Trouble is I find it happens earlier & earlier every year, 
which is not good considering we have a long way to go yet.

Ok, no more complaining.

Here's some Winter around the house...

Sitting Room:

Dining Room:


I think my next posts will be about Valentine's Day.

I'm going to adopt my oldest sister's attitude which is...
Put away all the Winter decor & think Spring!

Sounds like a pretty decent plan, don't you think?

Monday, January 8, 2018

Winter Mantel & Living Room 2018

Good morning all!

This has been one heck of a Winter, hasn't it?  
When I checked my phone yesterday at 8am,
we were looking at a temperature of -12 degrees.
Factor in the wind chill & it felt like -23 degrees. 


We've been using our fireplace more than ever.
It just makes you feel so cozy to have a fire going,

especially at night while relaxing & watching TV.

I went with gray & white for my Winter decor.
Such a change after the bright colors of Christmas!

Everything here is stuff you've already seen before...
except for the wreath, that's new.
I found it after Christmas at Pier 1 and
thought it was perfect for Winter.

My ladder from Decor Steals.
I love it.

A little Winter for the coffee table.

 Maybe I should rethink
my chalkboard sentiment.
I think it started snowing the second I put it up!

Have a wonderful week, my friends!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

New Year's Eve Vignette (or Partying Snowmen!)

Hello dear friends!

I hope you had a beautiful Christmas!

Have you taken your Christmas decorations down yet?  
I haven't, but I'm thinking I may begin tomorrow. 
I had the week off from work and
I really hate to wait until I'm back to work to take it all down.

Is it just me or have you noticed angry controversy on social media
about taking down the Christmas decorations?  
Who knew de-decorating could make people angry?

Anyway, I did put together a little something
for New Year's Eve.
At first I think my husband thought I was a little crazy
decorating for New Year's Eve,
but then I think he actually liked it.

It all started with the snowmen figurine.
I spotted it in Home Goods and when I realized
the snowmen were, in fact, New Year's Eve partying snowmen,
I had to have it!
My sister bought it for me as part of my Christmas gift.

That trio is just too cute!

Wishing you all the best in 2018!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Christmas Home Tour, Part 3

Well, here we are on the last part of my Christmas tour.
Today I'm sharing the Kitchen, Master Bedroom & middle Hallway.

It's funny, these photos reflect many changes we've made to our home. 
I have never shared those changes on the blog...yet.  
I really need to do an updated home tour.


I love changing up the dishes in this cabinet.

Not the best photo below,
but this year I decided to give my window over
the sink a little something. 

My kitchen tree always
sits on the table in this nook.

Master Bedroom:

I like to add a little Christmas to the bedroom.
I'm so happy to have this tree in the bedroom.
At night, it's so pretty all lit up.
It gives me visions of sugarplums...


This tree sits in the hallway,
alongside our staircase.

I had no idea how I wanted to decorate it this year.
My sister suggested green since she noticed
I had some green glass balls in my stash.
So I went with it and decided black & white checked
ribbon would be a nice complement to the whole look.
I made the top hat tree topper because I couldn't
find a single topper I liked anywhere.

And there you have it!
The tour is complete.
I may be back to share a little more
d├ęcor if I survive the baking marathon
I'm about to take on!

Thanks for visiting me today.

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